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Large Commercial Yuanbao Wonton machine
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Large Commercial Yuanbao Wonton machine
Model: Ayt-16
Type: Wonton
Capacity: 7200 pcs/h
Supply: 220V,50HZ
Powder: 4.7kw
Weight: 700kg
Machine Size(mm): 1360*1480*1400
Air source: 0.4mpa;10L/Min
Brand: soonture
Application: dumpling\wonton\shumai
Products Description
Our Advantages
1、High output
3600 wontons per hour, saving 5-6 people,equivalent to 60kg, making 600 dumplings per hour by hand

2. Full automatic

Automatic pressure skin, automatic filling,automatic molding, automatic recovery


Product standardization,stable and controllable quality
Tthree pressing surface roller, servo motor automatic pressing surface function, from thick to thin, imitation hand roll, so that the wrappers are full of toughness, taste more powerful
Press the wrappers
A common pressing surface, a molding, resulting in the surface heating, loss of toughness, direct damage to the dumpling skin
Automatic sprinkle the flour device, reduce the viscosity, reduce the damage rate of finished products,
Sprinkle the flour
No dusting device
Automatic slicing device with protective cover, accurate positioning, high yield, no burr.
Cut the wrappers
Without the peeling device, the left and right two crescent roller molds were broken by reverse pressure, resulting in rough edges and hard cooking, which directly affected the taste
After peeling, the remaining skin passes through the peeling structure and returns directly to the dough hopper, which improves the utilization rate of the dough and makes the surface under secondary pressure better in taste.
Recycle wonton wrappers
No return structure, long - term waste
Piston servo motor automatic filling, accurate filling quantity, the inner tube with a knife in place, greatly solve the dumpling stuffing problem
Infuse wonton stuffing
Filling of enema type, the left and right two crescent roller die reverse pressure broken, uneven filling and easy to open,exposed filling, filling edge appears, affecting the wrapping, the damage rate is up to 5%
Servo motor imitation manual wrapping, the wrapping force can be adjusted, tight without revealing.Gently separated into two layers, not completely pressed together, do not destroy the taste
The skin pressure is not adjustable in time, which will directly compress the two sealing skins into one, destroying the taste.
Electric cylinder out, standardized arrangement, fast speed, high efficiency.
The two crescent moulds broke and fell out
Bus-type structure, high data transmission speed, simple line layout, easy maintenance;Full servo electric control,accurate motion positioning, low power consumption, high service life
Common motor, short service life, frequent replacement

4、A variety of models

Dumplings, wonton, Shaomai, fried dumpling, potsticker optional

5.Humanized design

Tool free manual disassembly accessories, convenient maintenance, convenient cleaning

6. Production safety marking

Use food grade materials, clean and sanitary, stains can not be hidden

7.Focus on commercial premises

Can achieve standardized quality control, high-speed production

Pasta factory

Restaurant chain

Large dining room

Company Profile
About Soontrue
Relying on the group's more than 20 years of R & D and manufacturing experience in deep ploughing packaging machinery, Foshan edxin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. provides intelligent integrated production equipment for all kinds of food processing enterprises, catering enterprises, canteens and other users, such as dumplings, wonton, Shaomai, steamed stuffed buns, potstickers, etc., helping users reduce staff in production, operation and management, increase efficiency, ensure quality and quantity, and improve service quality for consumers For fresh, safe and high quality delicious food.
Small wonton Machine showroom
Large Wonton machine showroom
Packing machine showroom
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Wonton Machine in Thailand
WontonMachine in Canada
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Large Wonton production line

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